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Date Saturday, November 28, 1857

November 28, 1857

DEAR SPIRIT:–Knowing that you are a valuable promoter of the manly game of base ball, I take the liberty to condemn the practice of substituting players from other clubs to play in matches.  In the match between the Metropolitan and Hamilton Clubs, Mr. Hudson played in the former, and a few days previous he played in a match on the side of the Young America, against the Enterprise, of Brooklyn.  Again, Mr. A. J. Dayton, an elected member of the Hamilton, who played in the first-mentioned games, a few days afterwards acted as a pitcher in the Excelsior Club in a match against the Unions, of Morrisania.  Now, the by-laws of the Convention positively state that a member of one club cannot play in the matches of another, and these rules were made for the protection of clubs from such an imposition.  By inserting the above, you will perhaps put a stop to such things for the future, and oblige, Yours, BASE BALL.

~ ~ ~

December 4, 1857

[the Excelsiors reply:] Mr. A. J. Dayton was then, at the time of the match, and is now, a member of the Excelsior Club, and no other.  The Union Club was made acquainted with his exact position on the ground, before play commenced, and said they saw no objection, and wished him to play, although we offered to substitute another. 

Source Porter's Spirit of the Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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