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Date Saturday, August 12, 1876

The Buckeye Club of Columbus is a professional club. There are very few prominent clubs in the country now which are not professional. The Auburn, Ithaca, Syracuse, Live Oaks, etc. are all professional. New York Clipper August 12, 1876

There is no difference between the League clubs and the Buckeye, Star and Ithaca Clubs, so far as their status as professionals are concerned. New York Clipper September 16, 1876

an attempt to buy a game; crooked pools

The comments of the Chicago papers on the Cammeyer expose of the fraudulent attempt to bribe Mathews, has shown that just as rotten a condition exists in the pool selling busines as marks the work in the metropolis. In Chicago they found out that telegraph oeprators were engaged in working the wires so as to get advance news, and then purchase pools by the information, and several were dismissed from employ in consequence. The League Club managers have made a great deal of talk about punishing crooked play, but Manager Cammeyer is the first one to do anything practical in the way of reform. He laid a neat trap, and caught one of the prominent knaves napping. It shows what a nice business it is when one of the most prominent men openly acknowledges that “they go in for all such chances.” It has been from this source, no doubt, that all the rumors of crooked play by ball players have emanated with a view of hiding their own little games. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury August 13, 1876

Source New York Clipper
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