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Date Saturday, December 13, 1890

[quoting Al Johnson] I have a ball park that is twice as large as the new League diamond will be. I have a horde of players anxious to help me in any way; I am watching out for all the cities that are thrown down by the National League and American Association. There are plenty of big cities West of the Mississippi that will be left out in the cold when the magnates put forth their pronunciamento. With two clubs in several of the cities, I will have a circuit of cities playing Sunday ball. There are three ball parks on the line of our street railroad where games are played almost every Sunday; why should there not be Sunday games on the old Brotherhood Grounds? No one can object. The Sunday games will pay all expenses, for I shall not have fifteen or eighteen stars on the pay roll. Six or seven of the old players will be enough. We can fill up the gaps with young blood.

It will be easy enough to organize an independent league of eight or twelve cities that will be frozen out of the old associations. There will be no red tape rules, but an honest struggle for the pennant and for a purse which will be worth striving for. I will wager $2500 that my club will draw as many people during the season as the League club does, and another $2500 that my club will stand higher in the race in my association than the Cleveland League Club does in the League. They have used me like a dog. Now I will show them a trick or two of my own devising. When they read the list of cities composing my independent league they'll throw up their hands. We'll have twenty five cent games—fully as good if not better than those of the League, costing twice as much. There'll be no division of gate receipts, each club hustling for itself. I am sure that the Sunday games will pay the expenses of the club.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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