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Date Saturday, September 26, 1868

[Mutual vs Union of Lansingburgh 9/17/1868] For reasons satisfactory to themselves, the Mutuals determined to play the third and deciding game at Lansingburgh... There were several reasons for this, the most prominent of which was that they did not consider that they had been fairly treated on their visit to the burgh. The umpire was said to have been prejudiced against them, and for this reason the Mutuals determined to go to Lansingburgh again to endeavor, if possible, to win a game from the “Haymakers” on their own ground. It had been agreed by the Unions that the Mutuals could bring any first-class ball player for umpire, and they would accept him. Charley Walker, of the Active Club, was first determined upon, but as that gentleman’s business engagements would not allow him to leave New York, Mr. John Grum, of the Eckford Club, one of the best umpires that could have been selected, consented to go up.

Source New York Clipper
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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