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Date Saturday, July 24, 1858

Alexander [NY] has no organized club; but they have a seminary, where ball-playing forms part of the institution; at least they play ever day, weather permitting, joined by as many outsiders as may desire to play, making it one of the most formidable towns in the county for the game of base-ball.  There had been an arrangement made by one of the members of Rough-and-Ready club [of Batavia, NY] to play them a game, which fell through, owing to some misunderstanding about rules.  Soon after, an article appeared in the Herald of this place [Batavia] signed “Alexander, ball-player.”  The article was answered by Excelsior club, and a committee was appointed by Alexander to meet a joint committee of the Batavia clubs, which resulted in an agreement to play two games of the suppers–the first game to be played by the rules of Rough-and-Ready club, after which we were to play their game. 

Source Porter's Spirit of the Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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