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Date Saturday, May 21, 1887

Just before Umpire Knight called the game last Wednesday [5/18], Mullane who had been assigned to pitch, and whose name appeared on the official score care, arose from the players bench and told Manager Schmelz that he might as well put somebody else in to pitch, as he did not intend to pitch every day without receiving extra money for the task. Manager Schmelz told Mullane that he had not pitched for two or three days and he thought it no more than right that he should take his turn. Mullane, however, remained firm in his resolution, so young Smith, who was on the field in uniform, was substituted for Mullan. Manager Schmelz fined Mullane $100 and suspended him indefinitely and ordered him to leave the grounds. Mullane grasped the situation at once; went to the dressing room changed his clothes; and after the game was finished, he left the park carrying his uniform with him. Every one knows Tony Mullane, his character as a contract jumper and an unprincipled ball player. In every city in which he has played he has left some blur upon his reputation. His friends here [Cincinnati], and there are few of them, will become beautifully less when they hear of this despicable action on his part. The Cincinnati players look upon him with disgust. Although Cincinnati is in need of a pitcher still they can not put up with such conduct. At the game yesterday [5/19] Mullane made his appearance on the field and was requested to leave the grounds by President Stern. Mullane did not comply with the request so a policeman was called to put him out. Mullane resisted the officer, who gently, politely and vigorously proceeded to pummel him in true pugilistic style, and finally Mullane was kicked, cuffed and pounded by the officer until he landed in the street almost an unrecognizable mass. Mullane threatens President Stern with nothing less than instant death, but such a threat coming from such a cowardly source is not to be thought of.

Source Sporting News
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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