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Date Wednesday, December 2, 1885

[from an editorial regarding the draft regulations from the Arbitration Committee] The date when these minor leagues may sign their players in safety should perhaps be brought a little nearer the close of the playing season. In other respects the protection offered does not differ materially from that of last season, and the minor leagues will have no cause to complain of the generosity of the big leagues. Their contracts and blacklist will be respected, thus enabling them to retain as well as discipline their players during the playing season. The power of reserve is not granted them, as, indeed, it should not have been. If they develop players of extra merit, they will be enabled to enjoy their good luck and avail themselves of the services of such players for an entire season. But it would be a manifest injustice to rising players to be reserved in such minor leagues, thus debarring them from rising into a higher class at a corresponding increase in salary, and keeping them in clubs whose tenure of life is, on the whole, insecure, and whose financial responsibility is not always of r best.

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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