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Date Sunday, March 2, 1890

Ball-players in clubs belonging to the Tri-State and Indiana circuit, will not grow rich the coming season. They will not need any one to help them to carry their salary away, even if it is paid to them in large copper cents. May be some of the local professionals are not [sic] warm under the collar. They claim that the salary limit of their League is outrageously low; that $500 a month for a team, including the manager, is a niggardly salary. Possibly it is, but the gentlemen at the head of these Leagues know their business. Heretofore minor Leagues have been conducted on decidedly too extravagant lines. The salaries were two [sic] high to allow the clubs to live. The wrecks that have in days gone by strewed the paths of minor Leagues have been a good teacher, and the projectors of the Tri-State and Indiana Leagues displayed good sense in calling a halt. Base-ball salaries are too high all around, and there is bound to be a reaction. The action taken by these minor Leagues is only a sample of what is to come some day in the major organizations.

Source Cincinnati Enquirer
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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