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Date Saturday, November 29, 1890

[reporting the AA meeting 11/22] The representatives of the Toledo, Syracuse and Rochester clubs were on the outlook for combinations or deals, but were not shrewd enough to see one when it came. These delegates were sitting on a volcano, unsuspecting and unconscious of the danger of the fire below, and they innocently voted for a resolution which, in the opinion of shrewd base ball men, just as effectually drops them from the Association, and just as surely, as if the three clubs had been expelled openly and above board and their successors named. When the awakening comes there will be an awful row, but it will be too late then to protest.

The delegates of these three clubs were hoodwinked as easily as the job could have been done in a political convention or Legislature. …

...Then came the time to spring the trap for Rochester, Syracuse and Toledo.

A. W. Thurman made a report of his work in connection with the recent conference committee in New York and it was approved with many commendations of his work. Now came the nut of the day.

Mr. Parsons made a motion that a conference committee of three be appointed to arrange the Association circuit for next season, and the following resolution was adopted:

“That the conference committee, consisting of William Barnie, of Baltimore; A. W. Thurman, of Columbus, and Chris Von der Ahe, of St. Louis, be continued in effect, with full power to make such disposition of the Athletic franchise as they may deem to be in the best interest of the Association, and with full power to act in all matters affecting the circuit and welfare of the Association, and to call a meeting of the entire Association at any time and place in the future when deemed necessary.”

It was unanimously carried. This is the boomerang that was expected, but the parties most interested did not see through it. They thought it referred only to the Athletic franchise and that a full meeting of the Association would be necessary to ratify any action the conference committee might take. The resolution does not read that way. Messrs. Thurman, Von der Ahe and Barnie are the members of the committee, and they are all in favor of strengthening the circuit by dropping Toledo, Rochester and Syracuse.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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