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Date Wednesday, June 12, 1889

[editorial matter] It has been for some time an open secret that the Louisville Club was in a straitened situation. Its support at home has fallen off, for the reason that the patrons of base ball in Louisville—and they are numbered by thousands—lost interest in the club after the management, for money consideration, disposed of such men as Chamberlain, Collins and Cross, and apparently made no effort to strengthen the team. The poor success of the club naturally had its effect, and patronage fell off. … Instead of playing his [Davidson's] scheduled games at home, he is making efforts to have games scheduled to be played in Louisville transferred to other cities. He has already had four transferred to Cincinnati, everyone of which the latter, of course, won. He is now trying to have the series of games scheduled between the Athletics and Louisvilles at Louisville, transferred to Philadelphia. The result is, the press and public of Louisville are up in arms and denouncing the course pursued by the club's management. To keep on changing these games means simply and clearly the breaking up of the Louisville Club... … There is no telling where the demoralizing practice would stop or how it would end, and it is therefore well to call a halt right now... Much to their credit three clubs—Brooklyn, Kansas City and St. Louis—have refused consent to any further changes in the schedule. This whole business is another evidence of the narrow, selfish methods which govern a number of the Association clubs, who never seem to be able to see anything beyond their gate receipts and the fences enclosing their grounds or to realize that a championship won or a place in the race secured under such methods will redound but little to the credit of the club securing either in the estimation of the base ball world, and therefore at the next annual meeting of the Association the constitution should be amended to absolutely prohibit the transfer of scheduled games except in the case of single postponed games which it may be impossible to play off in any other way.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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