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Date Saturday, October 18, 1890

[quoting Soden] Amalgamation is a question for the capitalists of both sides to decide now. The players have no more to say in the matter than you have. The capitalists of the new League have got them as completely under their thumbs as ever we had them in the old days. They are sick of throwing away money and they have learned that the players must be governed with a strong hand if good work is to be done. They are anxious for some form of a national agreement by which they can discipline their players. Brouthers, Radbourn, Kilroy, Kelly, Ryan and a lot of other players have been absent from their teams whenever they took a notion, and nothing was done about it. The Sporting Life October 18, 1890

[quoting Day] The players have nothing to say at all. They have not lost the money during the past season and consequently they have no interests at stake. The capitalists on both sides will do the negotiating. The players will have to do what they are told to do. If a player objects to playing with any men in the National League he will have to secure employment elsewhere. The market is overstocked with good men, and those having scruples will have to stand on one side. They'll be only too glad to play ball with anybody when the time comes. Sentiment cuts no figure in the present state of affairs. The Sporting Life October 18, 1890

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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