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Date Thursday, December 12, 1957

In selecting a ground, you will have to be guided by many controlling circumstances.  The great trouble with all sports in the open air is to obtain suitable ground.  It should be level, the surface free from all irregularities, and covered with fine turf.  It should also be rolled after rain, particularly from pitchers’ point to the catcher, and the line from base to base.  If fact, it seems impossible to devote too much attention to it, adding largely to the pleasure of playing.  The proper size is about seventy yards wide by one hundred and fifty long, although a smaller plot will answer.  Let the home-base be about twenty-five yards from the head of the field, and let there be a very level piece of ground for the ball to strike on before reaching the catcher.  You had better have logs of wood inserted in the ground, at the base points, leaving about half an inch in height exposed–they should be about five inches in diameter.  In these you can drive iron staples, to which the bases should be strapped.

Source Porter's Spirit of the Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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