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Date Wednesday, August 10, 1864

A junior correspondent desires to know whether the worlds “or off the ground” in rule 7 mean that the feet must be flat on the ground, or whether if the forward part of the foot is on the ground the requirements of the rule are complied with. In reply we have to state that as we understand the rule, as interpreted by the Committee of the National Association, the law is complied with if the forward foot is flat on the ground and the forward part of the hind foot, at the time the ball is about to be delivered. In reference to the lifting of the hind foot when the ball leaves the hand, old cricket players have decided, in the case of “no ball” in cricket–a similar rule to that of No. 7 in base ball–that the raising of the hind foot as the bowler delivers the ball is not to be regarded as an infringement of the rule, inasmuch as the pitcher cannot lift that foot from the ground until the ball leaves the hand, as it is from the pressure of his foot on the ground that he drives the last impetus to his arm in delivery. The forward foot, however, must be kept on the ground.

Source Brooklyn Eagle
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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