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Date Sunday, May 22, 1864

Will you please state, in plain and unmistakable terms, what is the correct definition of the wording of Rule 7, wherein it states that the pitcher’s feet must be on the ground “at the time of delivering the ball.” Does this time of delivering the ball refer to the time when it leaves the hand, or to the movements immediately preceding such delivery? Several of our best pitchers contend that when they make the forward step they do not infringe the rule, they interpreting the words “time of delivering the ball” to mean when it leaves the hand. Was this the definition intended by the committee, or was it, as P. O’Brien, of the Atlantic Club, says it is intended, viz., to mean that the feet shall be stationary on the ground, not only at the time the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand, but also while he makes the movements that precede such delivery.


The only answer necessary to the above question is simply this, that the Committee on Rules and Regulations intended in wording the rule that it should be made obligatory for the pitcher to have both feet stationary on the ground, not only at the time the ball leaves his hand, but also during the act of delivery, or while he makes any movements to deliver the ball.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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