Clipping:Hewitt disposes of his option on Capitol Park real estate; prospects of staying in the League

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Date Wednesday, August 14, 1889

[from R. M. Larner's column] The leading topic in base ball circles here is the announcement that MR. Hewitt has disposed of the option he has held for several years on Capital Park. … The next question to be considered is:--Does Mr. Hewitt intend to remain in the League, and , if so, where does he propose to locate the new home for the Senatorial combination? He says he is in the base ball business to stay, and he shrewdly evades inquiries which he regards as to [sic] penetrating, leaving the questioner in a haze of doubt as to the young magnate's intentions for the future. The Sporting Life August 14, 1889

The facts of the sale of the Washington Club's grounds are stated as follows:-- “More than four years ago R. C. Hewitt secured an option from Wm. M. Galt and Thomas W. Smith, on square 678, the term of the agreement running for five years and the price to be paid by Mr. Hewitt at the conclusion of that term being fixed at fifty cents per square foot. Not it is said that President Walter Hewitt has sold the option to C. A Snow for the moderate price of seventy cents per square foot, and Mr. Snow can have possession as soon as he wants to after November. The amount of ground involved in the transfer is about 325,000 feet, and the profit, as can be readily calculated, will foot up somewhere in the vicinity of $65,000. The Sporting Life August 14, 1889

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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