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Date Sunday, August 5, 1866

On our fourth page, our reporters furnish an account of the visit of the Keystone and a Picked Nine, to Atlantic City. Both nines were hospitably treated, and their stay made pleasant through the kindness of the proprietors of the United States and Surf Hotels. These gentlemen were unremitting in their attentions, as was also Major Dick White, of the Galt House. The latter deserves to be elected an honorary member of every crack club in the country. We have a protest to offer, and we do it, in the best possible spirit; but, if not hearkened to, we shall be compelled to advert to it again, perhaps in a manner not to be misunderstood. What we have to complain of is that clubs leaving the city to play at places, where invited, generally have with them from three to half a dozen of the low spirited curs, known as sponges. We care not whose friends they are, or how respectably they may be connected, socially or politically, we ind, if the thing is not stopped, to stop it.

We have grown tired of these ill-mannered “beats,” and have put up with their audacity out of respect to the clubs whose badges they wore. But the thing is “played out,” and is no longer to be tolerated. It ought to be a standing rule with clubs, on leaving the city, to inquire who is of the company; and players should be prohibited from inviting their personal friends. These bummer follow all of our clubs in their peregrinations, and their meanness is only excelled byt heir impudence. Verbum sap, for the present.

Source Philadelphia Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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