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Date Wednesday, March 14, 1888

The League magnates are still trying to find out how their schedule got into the hands of some enterprising newspaper men before it had been adopted. …

...Voltz was at the meeting to get all the news that could be got. He was satisfied if he got no more, but no newspaper man will miss an opportunity to get a “beat,” and Voltz saw an opportunity to get one. And a big one it was at that, because to get the schedule in advance is as big an achievement to the base ball writer as getting the President's message one day before it is sent to the Senate is to regular Washington news correspondents. While the scribes were all lounging about the corridors of the Clarendon Hotel several of the League magnates emerged from the room in which the meeting was being held, and one of them called all hands up for drinks. Voltz accidentally got beside one of these League delegates, and while the latter was pouring some Apollinaris into his glass Billy's cigar dropped to the floor, or a t least in some manner be happened to look down, and in doing so his eagle eye was attracted by a document sticking out of the delegate's coat pocket, and at the top was printed something that looked like “schedule.” Voltz did not want to take possession of the paper, but fearing that one of the others might “steal” it and not wishing any paper to be so wicked as to publish the schedule before it was ratified and thus incur the displeasure of the League magnates, he deemed it advisable to take possession of the document for safe-keeping. Unfortunately for him, however, Mr. Sullivan, of the Boston Globe, and Pete Donahue, of the New York World,caught him transferring the paper to his own possession, and after getting him into a private room cruelly demanded that he let them have a copy of it. It was a case of two against one, and Voltz had to surrender. As a result the Philadelphia Press, New York World and Boston Globe published the schedule the following morning...

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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