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Date Sunday, March 28, 1880

George, for purely personal reasons, refused to play in Providence this season, and Providence, taking advantage of the strict construction of the Buffalo agreement, says he shall not play at all or play with them. About three weeks ago Manager Bancroft, of the Worcester Club, met George Wright in Boston, and during a friendly conversation George said he would like to play in Worcester provided Providence would release him. He said that under no circumstances would he again play in Providence; that he felt he had been misused there, and could not forget it; that his refusal to play in Providence was not a matter of salary, but purely of a personal nature; therefore, as he had fully determined to not play in Providence, and as President Root had signed Peters, he would, if released, play in Worcester on certain conditions, viz: that he should have the privilege of going to Boston every evening when the nine were at home returning the next noon. The distance is only fort-four miles, and the trip is made in an hour and fifteen or twenty minutes. He stated his terms. The proposition was one of his own seeking. Mr. Bancroft went to Worcester, and the Directors talked the matter over informally. They then sent Mr. Bancroft to Providence to ask President root to release Wright. President Root said he should be please to accommodate Worcester, but under no circumstances should Wright play in any other club than Providence the present year. He said he would keep the place open for Wright, who could come back at any time, provided he would take the salary offered him. There the matter stands.

Source Cincinnati Enquirer
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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