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Date Wednesday, August 21, 1861

[Enterprise vs. Gotham 8/20/1861] The Enterprise by good batting had added one run to the their score, and had two men on their bases, when their 4 th striker, Ibbottson, made a very fine hit to the right field, which merited a home run. This would have brought home two men, thereby winning the game, but unluckily, in the midst of the noise and excitement, the players running home were induced tot urn back under the supposition that the ball had been struck foul, in which case the players running the bases have to return to those they have left. In consequence of this error the runs were not made, and the last striker being put out, the game was lost. It was a great disappointment to the Enterprise club, as the victory would have been a very creditable one indeed...

Source Brooklyn Eagle
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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