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Date Saturday, September 8, 1866

Reach is again whining about going back to the Eckfords. Is this a bid for a new loan? Is this another attempt at the house and lot business–house to be furnished, too? Shall meanness and hypocrisy be further rewarded? Are not the “Hired Men” rather greedy? For two months we have been waiting for the cry–“this business does not pay- - I shall be compelled to go back to New York.” We heard that melancholy whine more than a dozen times last year and the year before. Reach sets high value on his services. In 1865 they cost the Athletics about $800. We suppose he will make $1000 in 1866. Indeed, we love hypocrisy. When Reach told us last year that the Eckfords had offered him $1000 to come back, we simply said–“Go!” How the ‘umble 2d Base wilted! He crawled for a month afterwards–but, the’umble and faithful creature got his $800 for 1865 in the shape of extras and a present. We fear he is into poor Moore heavily. Either Moore or the Treasury will wilt under his whining and persistent attacks! This is the Sunday school teacher! Is Base Ball a game for gentlemen?

Source Philadelphia All-Day City Item
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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