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Date Monday, May 11, 1885

One of Harry Wright's new rules is that every time a pitcher fails to cover first base when Farrar goes for a ball he is fined$1. The fine is imposed to make him think quick, and a $1 fine answers just as well as a larger one. Boston Herald May 11, 1885, quoting the Philadelphia Record

Vice President Hendricks and Senator Gorman attend games

Vice President Hendricks and Senator Gorman, of Maryland, are base ball enthusiasts and regular attendants at the National game. The Senator especially is absorbed in the game. When the nines come upon the field he scans the score card, eyes each player with the critical look of a base ball manager, and, bending forward with eager interest, watches the game as it progresses. If a brilliant play is made he is the most vigorous of applauders. An error brings to his face an expression of profound disgust. His interest increases with each inning, until at the ninth, if the game is close, his whole soul seems to be centered in the flying ball. The Vice President is somewhat more reserved, but shows marked appreciation of the beauties of the game and the merits of the players. Senator Gorman was once actively interested in professional base ball, and Hendricks was, it is told, in the long ago, in the primitive days of the game, third baseman of a Hoosier team. Both earnestly desired the admission of the Nationals to the American Association, as they wish to see the highest quality of base ball. If opportunity offers neither will be slow to exert his influence to this end. The Sporting Life May 13, 1885

Source Boston Herald
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