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Date Wednesday, March 30, 1887

The scheme of having on the St. George grounds at Staten Island, to admit of playing ball at night, was supposed to have long since been abandoned. Such, however, appears not to be the case. Mr. Johnson, of New York, president of the Edison Electric Light Company, in a conversation last Wednesday, stated that the reason of failure so far to provide an artificial light capable of meeting all the requirements of ball playing was because all efforts in that direction had been based on the idea of placing the illumination at a great height above the field and throwing the original rays directly on it, thus either blinding the players by the glare, or casting shaadows, either of which make it impracticable. ... The rough outline of the plan is this: Mr. Johnson proposes to line the outside of the diamond, foul lines and extremes of the outfields with placed beneath the ground and projecting, by means of powerful reflectors, the rays upward through the covering-plates of corrugated glass. The lights themselves are to be so arranged that no direct rays will shine in the eyes of the players. From the success of additional experiments he expects a softer light to be deflected downward by atmospheric influence iluminating the usrface of the diamond and field with the brilliancy of the noonday sun, minus the glare of the original direct rays of the artificial light, and also minus those optical illusions called in the player’s vernacular “high sky,” etc., etc.

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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