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Date Saturday, December 26, 1857

December 26, 1857

Time can be called whenever it is necessary to change a player, or if the umpire desires to ask a question

~ ~ ~

December 26, 1857

[by “X”] The catcher is expected to catch or stop all balls pitched or thrown home; he will, when a player is running from the first to second base, stand as near the batsman as possible, and take the ball before it bounds; as the man at the bat seldom strikes when another player is on the first, the catcher is better enabled to do so; the object of this is to shorten the distance to the second base, as he should throw there, in order that the baseman may put the player running to the second out.  He should be prepared for foul balls, and tips, also keep a wide look-out over the game, and be able to throw a swift and true ball to the bases.

~ ~ ~

January 9, 1858

[a rebuttal by “G, of the Eagles”] I was sorry that X, in his last article, recommended the catcher to stand close to the bat, and take the ball on the fly, when a man was upon the first base.  I thought the matches last season would have shown the fallacy of attempting to play the game in that manner.  It may do on exercise days; but when you come to play a match, you find that the man won’t run until you stand back, or until the ball goes over your head.  If the catcher wishes to become expert, let him practice on exercise days what shall be useful to him in a match.  Take your position nearly, but not quite so far back as you generally stand; and when you see the man leave his base, run in, catch the ball, and deliver it while running.  The advantages of this method are, that the man on the base has no excuse for not running, and you can deliver the ball much swifter when you are moving forward than when stationary.

Source Porter's Spirit of the Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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