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Date Tuesday, August 29, 1871

[Forest City of Rockford vs. Athletic 8/28/1871] The ground was in miserable order, totally unfit for ball playing. The heavy drizzling rain which had been prevailing for some time thoroughly saturated the ground, so that after one or two balls had been hit in the field, the ball was soaked, which made it very difficult to hold. Both pitchers, by many applications of sawdust to the ball, managed now and then to give a good ball. In fact the game was the most unenjoyable one that we have witnessed this season. Delays were numerous, foul balls knocked by the scre–more than we have ever seen heretofore in a first-class match. Most of them going over the fence, of course when returned to the pitcher, the ball would go through a course of sawdust. Evening City Item August 29, 1871

[Forest City of Rockford vs. Athletic 8/28/1871] Painter [the groundskeeper] had to place a pile of sawdust by pitcher’s place, which was well patronized, particularly by Fisher, who coated the “sphere” with it almost every time he delivered the ball, thus delaying the game to its inordinate length. Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch September 3, 1871 [The game last 2.5 hours over seven innings.]

Source Evening City Item
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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