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Date Sunday, October 25, 1868

The grounds of the Union Club, at Tremont, are almost useless, a day’s rain making them so wet and muddy that play is impossible for a week afterward. We have not seen them really dry and in first-class condition once this season, and unless more perfect drainage can be effected, the boys had better return to the old “triangle” at Melrose, or find some more suitable sport for play. A good coat of turf would do much to improve the ground, and we hope that next season we shall find green grass instead of mud. New York Dispatch October 25, 1868

[English cricketers vs. Union of Morrisania 10/23/1868] The arrangement should have located the game on the Capitoline grounds, which are fit to be played on a few hours after rain; but instead the meeting was appointed for the Unions grounds at Tremont, and rain the night previous had nearly the field a swamp... New England Base Ballist October 29, 1868

Source New York Dispatch
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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