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Date Sunday, February 23, 1890

[describing the new Manheim grounds of the Germantown Cricket Club] The cricket field was laid out as a square of 500 feet. Much of this was raised from one foot to eighteen inches to grade. The playing platform was laid out 200 feet square, and this was dug down eighteen inches, the ground hammered and rolled and then filled in with sub-soil. The rest of the field was filled in in the same manner to a dept of ten inches. The turf, brought from Stenton and Nicetown, the former ground being entirely stripped, and the latter giving up about a quarter of its sod, has been entirely laid and is now in manure. A walk across it shows the promise of the elasticity desired and aimed at. Its level is admirable, and there should be no fraying or roughening at the edges of the field; unless the drain, running naturally toward Handsberry street, should leave so much of the Manheim street level as is unprotected by the trees to dry earlier than the rest. At all events the platform must have a body that no other ground in the city possesses, and it is likely to retain its elasticity unimpaired through the driest season under the excellent system proposed of laying out permanent and numbered wickets, and using them in rotation, or as their wear in service suggests.

Source Philadelphia Times
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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