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Date Sunday, May 9, 1875

It is stated that a very unfair trick was played by the Hartford nine on the occasion of their games with the Atlantics (second match) and the Centennials. In the latter contest quite a talk occurred over the violation of the rules, the offense being the fact of the Hartfords playing with illegal bats. Hayhurst, it appears, was surprised to see the Hartfords hit Bechtel’s pitching so well, and on inquiring he ascertained that it was owing to some of the Hartford playing using a bat which was not round, as the rule requires, it having been whittled down almost flat on one side, and then painted black so as to disguise it. Hayhurst protested against the use of such bats and they were removed.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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