Clipping:Dissension in the champion Unions; reduced spectator interest in amateurs

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Date Sunday, August 8, 1869

Up to 1867, the [Union of Morrisania] club flourished as a harmonious organization, but unluckily at the close of that year, it became the nominal champion-club of the country, and from the date of its taking possession of the whip-pennant to the day it was obliged to resign it, things did not progress as harmoniously in the organization as in the days of its history as the crack amateur club of Morrisania. Reorganized, however, and on the footing of aiming only at success as an amateur club, the Unions once more look forward to a renewal of the many pleasant meetings they have had on the ballfield, and also to a reoccupation of the playing position in which they have stood so creditably for so many years. New York Sunday Mercury August 8, 1869

[Union vs. Atlantic 8/5/1869] A game between these clubs a year or two ago would have drawn out an immense assemblage; but the Morrisania club having withdrawn from the championship arena, and discharged their professional players, are not as strong as of old, although they have plenty of good material yet, as some of the amateur clubs will find out to their cost before the season is over. New York Dispatch August 8, 1869

Source New York Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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