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Date Sunday, July 21, 1867

[Unions of Morrisania vs. Niagaras of Buffalo 7/12/1867] The Unions have created an ill-feeling against them in regard to their action in selecting an umpire. Mr. Stearns has accompanied the club and acted as umpire in all the games before reaching this place. At Rochester he caused great dissatisfaction, and it seem to us it would have been better if they could have agreed upon some one else here, and not insisted upon Mr. Stearns acting when there was this bad feeling existing. There were plenty of men, members of the Association and competent umpires, upon the ground, who were offered the Unions. They steadily refused to accept of any, but insisted, and, in fact, forced upon the Niagara an umpire they did not wish. Mr. Stearns gave cause for dissatisfaction in not calling balls upon Pabor, when he repeated pitched wild after being warned–sometimes as many as five balls in succession–apparently for the purpose of bothering the striker. Pabor is a good pitcher, and we think that he is capable of delivering a ball accurately, if he wishes. We formed the idea, seeing this game played, that he purposely pitched wild to confuse the striker; and why we object to Mr. Stearns is, that he did not or would not see it. quoting Turf, Field and Farm

Source New York Dispatch
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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