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Date Sunday, December 4, 1887

The American Association will probably approve of all the National League did in the way of changing rules, except in one instance. A strong fight will be made against the proposed new rule allowing two extra players’ names to be printed on the score card, and giving a club power to substitute one of the extra players for another during a game. The rule was ostensibly made to give a manager a chance to lay a player off for “sulking” during a game, but will result in a club having two or three pitchers during a game, as when one is being batted freely he can “sulk” and have a fresh pitcher put in his place. Manager Sharsig does not like the rule, and he says the Athletic delegates will vote against it. Manager Wright says there are some bad and some good things about the proposed new rule. It would tend to relieve monotonous games, as the substitution of two new men would create a renewed interest, but the trouble would be that spectators would begin calling for a change if a pitcher should be batted a little or a fielder should make a couple of errors. The Philadelphia Times December 4, 1887

President Spalding, of Chicago, is making strong appeals, by mail and in person, to the American Association delegates for the adoption of his pet “two substitutes” rule. The Sporting Life December 7, 1887

Source Philadelphia Times
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