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Date Saturday, November 27, 1886

[reporting the AA special meeting beginning 11/24/1886] Secretary Wikoff announced that two applications to fill the vacancy [caused by Pittsburgh jumping to the NL] were on hand. One of these was from Cleveland, Ohio, and the other from Kansas City. … One of the delegates stated that Mr. Watkins, Manager of the Detroit team, was in the hotel lobby, and while he had yet made no application to the Association it was known that his mission here was in the interest of obtaining an American Association franchise. Mr. Von der Ahe, of St. Louis, moved that the representatives of the three clubs be admitted and called upon for a statement. The Detroit club was objected to on the ground that it had ye made no request. On an amendment a committee consisting of Meye5rs, Von der Ahe and Phelps was appointed by the chair to consult with Manager Watkins. They returned with a report that the Detroit Cl8ub, through its representative, would like to hear a proposition from the Association in reference to what inducements would be offered to the Detroit club to comer over to the Association. After considerable discussion it was decided that such action would not be business-like, and that if the Detroit club was in really good faith it would have to apply for admission and state just what concessions in reference to the division of gate receipts they would expect. If the Association was not willing to give them what they requested they would then retire, and the matter would remain right where it had been in the first place.

Manager Watkins at once telegraphed President Stearns a lengthy message, in which he asked him to either come to Cincinnati in person or vest him with authority to make the application. …

On Tuesday the Association did not commence business until afternoon. Soon after the dinner hour, Manager Watkins of the Detroits, asked permission to address the members of the Association. His request was granted, and he read two telegrams from President Stearns to the effect that the League had granted them all the concessions they had demanded and they would remain where they were.

Source Sporting News
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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