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Date Saturday, August 5, 1876

[a letter to the editor:] What is meant by a curved ball—it is a pitch or an underhand throw, how does it curve, and can you explain how it is done, how the ball is held, &c.?

Do the Professionals pitch or throw underhand?


A curved ball is one which leaves the hand in a straight line and just before it reaches the home-plate suddenly curves out toward the end of the bat. It is done by underhand throwing; there is little or no pitching done now. The curve is produced by the same principle which makes a hoop thrown in a certain manner roll backward—by a twist or twirl of the ball that can not well be described.

Professionals nearly all use the underhand throw now. Spalding and Nichols come the nearest in their delivery to the old style of pitching of any pitchers in the League.

Source Cincinnati Daily Enquirer
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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