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Date Sunday, January 4, 1885

The National League and American Association at that annual meetings neglected to revise the scoring rule. In fact, very little attention was given this most important subject. Complaints of made-up records, of both clubs and players, have been so frequent that members of both organizations pledged themselves to a thorough revision and the fact that neither association took any action is certainly strange. The base ball reporters of the Boston papers have agreed upon scoring rules of their own for this year and they have wisely drawn up a petition, which Mr. Soden will present at the spring meeting of the League. The petition, which has already been extensively signed by scorers and reporters in all the League cities, proposes two amendments: Strike out the last paragraph of section 6 of rule 70 and insert “an assist shall be given the pitcher when the batsman fails to hit the ball on the third strike, and the same shall be entered in the summary under the head of ‘struck out.’” Add the following to second 7: “Wild pitches and passed balls shall be charged to the pitcher and catcher respectively in the error column, and shall also appear in the summary.” The times scores will be made upon this basis, which is the only true one.

Source Philadelphia Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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