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Date Wednesday, May 5, 1886

Billy Taylor “bobbed up serenely” on Wednesday last with the chestnut trick which earned for him the title of “Cross Cut” Billy down South last year. In the ninth inning with the Athletics he made the tieing run by cutting across the diamond when the umpire's attention was centered on another play. This trick necessitated another inning and nearly beat the Athletics. Probably Billy would not have bled at the heart very much if his trick had beaten the Athletics. The Sporting Life May 5, 1886

proposal for unified AA-NL rules

It is not a bad idea advanced by Spalding in his letter to Caylor advocating a code of playing rules to govern all associations under the National Agreement. League and American Association clubs have been frequently annoyed this season in exhibition games through the clubs of the smaller organizations insisting upon playing under their own rules and with the details of which, as a matter of course, clubs outside of their organization are not familiar. It will make the statistic of these games more uniform and therefore more reliable and accurate. Let the National Agreement provide a code by all means. The Sporting Life May 5, 1886

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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