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Date Sunday, August 11, 1872

[Athletic vs. Baltimore 8/5/1872] There was the usual noisy, boisterous crowd (estimated at about two thousand) at Newington park, and they took especial pains to exhibit their enmity against the visitors. They have got the hooting business down to the very finest point of the science, and whenever a fly was sent to the Athletic field, they repressed their whoops until it was about to fall into the player’s hands, and then set up a horrible screeching, sufficient to frighten the dead from their resting places. Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch August 11, 1872

[Athletic vs. Baltimore 8/5/1872] The Baltimoreans were confident of victory, but were doomed to a sad disappointment, as were also about two thousand spectators, many of them the worst roughs of the roughest city of the Union. These fellows, when seeing a fly go into the out-field of the Athletic, would indulge in obscene oaths and loud threats in case the ball was caught, but Cuthy and Treacy were not to be thus bluffed. Poor Meyerle, however, was intimidated by a volley of oaths, and dropped an easy fly. Philadelphia Sunday Republic August 11, 1872

Source Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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