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Date Sunday, October 27, 1867

As we understand it, the Judiciary Committee was organized for the private investigation of club disputes brought before them to adjudicate upon, and not as a court of law to sit in judgment upon the personal character of players, nor as a Star Chamber to pry into the private business of clubs or their members. The best men in the fraternity regard the proceedings of the Committee of late as anything but conducive to the welfare of the game or the interests of the clubs of the association. Had the Committee the powers of a legal tribunal, created to pass judgment upon the actions of baseball players as the criminal courts of the State are upon those of the general mass of the people, the treatment of the cases brought before them of late might be well enough; but they have no power whatsoever; all they have to do is simply to investigate the charges brought before them in the simplest form possible, taking the verbal or written statements made as the truth without question, and without need of any sworn testimony. This having counsel on either side with the forms of a court of law amounts almost to a farce, and the whole thing is calculated to bring the Judiciary Committee, as an official body, into contempt. Taking a legal view of the question, not an act of the committee would be sustained in any of the lower Courts of Appeal, and therefore all this show of legal form is only calculated to make the public discussions of the questions brought before them the laughingstock of the fraternity. The intentions of the members of the Committee are, no doubt, creditable to them, as they are desirous of doing justice to all parties; but the precedents they are forming for future committee to act upon will be found injurious to the interests of the fraternity.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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