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Date Sunday, November 16, 1879

Mr. Clapp quietly remarked that he, too, had been slightly hurt on one or two occasions. Pointing to a scarcely noticeable hollow in his left cheek bone, he said that one side of his face had one been knocked in by a hot ball. His left ye had been closed one, his right eye three times, and his nose broken. 'From 1873 to 1877,' continued he, 'I was very fortunate, and not the slightest accident occurred to me. I have been lucky this season also, and the only accident has been the knocking off of a finger nail.' McVey also told of a broken eyebrow and a few other unpleasant occurrence of like nature. In speaking of the curve pitch, he said it was invented by Arthur Cummings as far back as 1860. it never came into use, however, until 1875, when Bond, the pitcher of the Boston Club, brought it into use. Subsequently Nolan, now of the Knickerbockers, Larkin, White, McCormick and Ward all became very effective curve-pitchers. Cincinnati Enquirer November 16, 1879, quoting the San Francisco Call.

Source Cincinnati Enquirer
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