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Date Sunday, March 7, 1880

For the violation of each one a penalty of suspension and forfeiture of wages for one League game is provided:

There must be no conversation by players with reporters, scorers, acquaintances or persons in the audience while upon the field in uniform.

No smoking while in uniform.

To appear on the field in uniform not more than twenty minutes nor less than ten minutes before the beginning of the game.

When away from home players must come upon the field in a body under charge of the Captain.

No friends or acquaintances allowed to ride to the grounds with players.

No money or expenses will be recognized by the management incurred by a player while away from the team.

There must be no fault-finding on the field with another's errors or argument or dispute in presence of the spectators.

Players are forbidden public or private association with gamblers or men known to bet on games of ball.

Players must behave gentlemanly while in hotels, on cars or other public places.

Players must always see that they are at the depot in time for the train while the team is traveling.

Players are forbidden to play any game of chance for money while under engagement.

They may play games for amusement.

Players are forbidden to drink intoxicating liquors.

All players must report at head-quarters from 9:30 a.m. Till 12 m. and from 2 p.m. till 5:30 p.m. on all week days when the team is at home, except when excused in writing by their Captain.

Source Cincinnati Enquirer
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