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Date Wednesday, December 28, 1887

[from Chadwick's column] In regard to scoring of earned runs, it was decided, after some discussion, to combine under the one head of earned runs, runs earned directly off the pitching—by clean hits and nothing else—and runs earned off both the pitching and fielding. For instance—Suppose the first man at the bat in the inning makes a single clean hit and then steals both second and third bases and is then sent home by the second man at the bat making a clean single hit; that is a run not earned off the pitching, but off the field, as, but for the field allowing the first runner to steal the two bases, he would—as far as the pitcher's work was concerned—have been at second base on the second batsman's hit, instead of being enabled to score a run on the hit. But suppose that after the first two batsmen had earned single bases and no base had been stolen, and that the next batsman had made a two-base hit or a three-bagger; in that case the runs scored would be clean earned off the pitching. To make no such distinction, however, and to get at uniformity of scoring as much as possible, it was decided to join the joint product of a pitcher's allowance of base hits and the field's allowance of stolen bases, with the addition of the rule allowing no bases by errors as factors in an earned run.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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