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Date Sunday, March 10, 1872

[at the professional convention:] The most important business transacted was the revision of the playing rules; and the Chairman of the Committee of Rules of the association submitted a revised code, which had been prepared for the association by Mr. Henry Chadwick, the late chairman of the Committee of Rules of the old national association. This new code, embodying as it did the suggestions of Harry Wright, of the Championship Committee, and that of the chairman of the Committee of Rules of the Amateur Association, as well as such suggestions as the experience of the season in reporting the games had pointed out as advisable, were taken up section by section, and adopted almost as reported, the changes made, consisting of a few alterations of the wording of two or three sections, and the addition of a new rule–the eighth–which included the sections referring exclusively to the professional championship.


Singularly enough, each delegate had come prepared to present a new code of his own, and had all the written amendments sent in been discussed or read the proceedings of the convention would have occupied a week at least. Those presented by Mr. Chadwick having been previously explained and discussed through the papers, and moreover being in printed form, and involving but one single change in the rules of any special importance, were therefore selected as the most complete code, and the unanimity with which they were indorsed showed conclusively that they were the best calculated to promote the general interests of the game. New York Sunday Mercury March 10, 1872

The Chairman of the Committee on Rules, Mr. J. F. Evans, submitted his report, embracing eight rules, divided into fifty-nine sections, which had been previous prepared for the Association by Mr. Henry Chadwick, of the New York Clipper. Philadelphia Sunday Mercury March 10, 1872

Source New York Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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