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Date Friday, May 16, 1879

It is said that Flint, catcher of the Chicagos, by a system of sign-language, which no one has been able to fathom, wholly relieves Larkin from the duty of watching either first or second base. This is done by Flint, who, in the catcher's position, has a good view of all the bases. He signals Larkin to throw either to first or second, and by the same signal notifies Anson, Quest or Peters to be on the lookout for the ball. One of the league umpires, who has been trying to find out what the signals are, but without success, says: “I know there is an understanding, but how it works I can't find out, though I have watched Flint closely. The result is to make players hug the bases closer than formerly.

Source Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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