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Date Friday, March 7, 1890

[from an interview of Brush] I have never proposed to sell out and I don't intend to. I understand just what the trouble is here. A ten-club circuit is found to be unwieldy, and some of the League people want to reduce to eight clubs. They ought t o have thought of this trouble before they got themselves into it. I objected to the admission of Cincinnati and Brooklyn in the first place, and told the rest of the League people that they would have difficulty in fixing up a schedule. But they said, Oh, no, that could be arranged very easily; that there would be not the slightest difficulty on that score. Now they find that they were mistaken, and I am asked to help them out of their trouble by resigning. I don't see any justice in that. They understood very well at the time the tend-club circuit was formed that I intended to stay, and I am going to. If there is a League in the field this season, Indianapolis will belong to it.

Source New York Sun
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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