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Date Saturday, January 15, 1870

The late gossip about the new nine organizing in Chicago is rather interesting. When the club was first started, considerable of a splurge was made by those having the matter in charge. The new nine was to “wipe out” all the leading clubs in the country. Above all others, however, they were to “go” for the “Red Stockings.” ... After making overtures to nearly every first-class player in the country, the managers of the new club have come to the conclusion that getting a ball club on paper is one thing, and getting together nine players and making them “stick” is quite another. ... Tom Foley, the billiardist, who is the business manager of the concern, is getting discouraged, it is said. He thought at first that all he had to do was to offer the players he wanted an engagement, and they would take the next train for Chicago. George Wright, Wolters, Charley Mills, Joe Start, Dick McBride, Fisler, Sensenderfer, Craver, Spaulding, of the Forest City, of Rockford, Ill, and others were offered positions on the nine at $1,500 a year, and in some instances the offers reached $2,500.

Source National Chronicle
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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