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Date Sunday, March 24, 1889

Mr. Davidson's determination to have no more beer selling in the grand stand has been generally commended. Beer has never been sold in the ladies' stand, but it has always been on the men's side. The beer privilege has been let this year, as usual, but the front bar will be torn down. The privilege has heretofore sold for $1,400, and this has gone a long way toward paying park expenses. The park rental is only $600 for all except a strip about forty feet in width on the south side, which belongs to a tobacco manufacturer, whose name is Matthews, brought them to time by a threat to file a suit to have a street opened through the grounds. It seems that this can be done if the matter is ever pushed. In consequence, Mr. Matthews gets his rent, exorbitant as it is, in comparison with what is paid for the remainder of the park, and he has never pushed the street matter. In curious contradiction to this is the action of a Mr. Hoertz, who owns another little strip of the park, but who charges no rent at all, though he gets two or three season passes sent him out of pure good will. It will be seen from this that the Louisville Club does not have the big expense in keeping up its grounds that cut down the profits of other clubs. The improvements, grand stand, fences and all, only cost about $12,000.

Source New York Sun
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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