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Date Sunday, January 21, 1872

In the 6-4 game between the Bostons and the Eckfords last year the umpire (Sweasy) made a mistake that might seriously have affected the result of the game. Allison should have gone to the bat first, but he missed hist urn, and Nelson led off, making his first on a clean hit. According to the rules, the man who misses his strike is considered out. Instead of that, Sweasy rules that Nelson was out first man. Allison was then allowed to go the bat, which was not according to “Hoyle,” and Nelson was permitted to go a second time, in his proper turn, to the bat, which was an absurdity. As he was forced out, he was charged with two outs, one of which should have been credited to Allison. New York Sunday Mercury January 21, 1872

improvements at the Union grounds

Already has the energetic proprietor of the Union ball grounds commenced work in erecting additional seats for spectators, in anticipation of the increased demand likely to prevail at the leading contests. The pool-stand is to be located near the Pagoda, out of the bounds of the playing field in order that the business of betting may not interfere with the players as it did last season during the progress of games. A new reporters’ stand is among the improvements to be introduced, the new stand being built higher from the ground so as to prevent the players bother the scorers by looking over their scores, etc. New York Sunday Mercury January 21, 1872

It is to be hoped that the pool selling stand will be removed from the position it occupied last season. It would be far better if the speculators had a row of seats set apart for them near the pagoda, where their bets on base hits and on catches, &c., during the progress of a game would not e heard by the players. New York Clipper March 9, 1872

Source New York Sunday Mercury
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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