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Date Wednesday, April 27, 1887

[from Nick Young's circular on rules interpretations] Rule 31, Section 4,--This rule does not include an attempt to bunt the ball fair, even though it goes foul. Umpires can very easily and readily distinguish between the two cases. In any question of reasonable doubt decide as per rule. A bunted foul ball, or any obvious attempt to foul the ball, is a strike. The Sporting Life April 27, 1887

[from Chadwick's column] The object of the rule which inflicts the penalty of a called strike on bunted foul balls, is simply to put a stop to the batsman's habit of purposely hitting foul balls in order to tire the pitcher or to delay the game. To put a stop to the method of hitting the ball known as bunting would be a drawback to batting. But to stop the repeated hitting of foul balls, whether bunted or hit ordinarily, is an advantage. No ball, in my humble opinion, which is bunted to the ground and then rolls foul should be included in the list of bunted balls on which strikes are to be called. Batsmen who bunt balls foul purposely invariably hit them in the air, and these foul hits, and these only, should be called as strikes. Bunting a ball to the ground is a part of the art of scientific batting; bunting it in the air is not. The Sporting Life April 27, 1887

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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