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Date Wednesday, May 23, 1888

What the Athletic Club has been trying to do for some years is now accomplished, namely, the legalizing of Sunday ball playing at Gloucester. The club has been making arrangements for Sunday games all season, and they were finally consummated on Wednesday last, when the Gloucester City Council passed an ordinance permitting ball playing on Sunday. It is possible that now many of the Thursday, Friday or Tuesday scheduled games will be transposed and championship games played throughout the season whenever the Athletics are at home. The new arrangement will also enable the Athletic managers to do away with many of the conflicting dates with the Philadelphia Club. The new grounds at Gloucester are located within a short distance of the ferry, directly back of Thompson's Hotel. The ground is 400 by 600 feet. It is enclosed by a high board fence, and open seats to accommodate 3,500 people have been erected. A new grand stand, capable of seating 3,500 people, is to be built at once, and the accommodations are to be first-class in every respect. William Thompson owns the class in every respect, and has made all the improvements. The Athletics do not lease the grounds, but it is reported that Mr. Thompson is given all the privileges outside of the gate receipts whenever the Athletics play there.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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