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Date Sunday, July 25, 1880

The Troy Times tells this story as illustrative of the justice and fairness which characterize Anson's management of the Chicago team: “Anson fined himself $5 during the recent visit of the Chicagos to this city. He was put out while running to one of the baes, and when he returned to the players' bend one of his associates remarked that he would have been safe if he had run a little faster. 'yes,' said another, 'if it had been one of us we would have been fined.' 'Well,' said Anson, 'I find myself $5, and I want some of you fellows to see that I pay it without kicking.' The find will be paid, for Anson has on several occasions imposed a similar penalty upon himself, and President Hulbert says it has always been collected. That Anson is an excellent Captain and a strict disciplinarian is clearly demonstrated by the obedience rendered him by his men and the success his Club has achieved thus far this season.

Source Chicago Tribune
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