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Date Friday, October 22, 1886

[Chicago vs. St. Louis 10/21/1886] Considerable commotion was caused yesterday when Clarkson let in a few runs by injudiciously allowing O’Neill his base on balls on two occasions during the game. Ordinarily the tactics would be pronounced as good headwork, but when he once saw that Gleason was a dangerous man to play with, that once should have satisfied him that good hard pitching was preferable to such powerful risks as those involved in deliberately placing three men on bases with a follower to the last like that which Gleason proved to be. In speaking of the matter later on Clarkson said: “Don’t think that I was quite so careless as I probably seemed to be. That first time I gave O’Neill the base I did it intentionally, as everybody could easily see. But the second time any one who had watched me pitch the game through could tell I did my best to prevent him from hitting the second time. I didn’t succeed, but I tried hard enough just the same.” St.

Source St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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