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Date Friday, September 14, 1855

(Knickerbocker vs. Gotham 9/13/1855) These two clubs, that stand A1 in the national game of base ball, met yesterday to contend for the return game.  The weather was all they could desire and the interest that all take in this beautiful game drew together a large body of visitors—certainly not less than 1,000 being present, among them a good show of ladies. … A great improvement in keeping the ground was shown, several members being deputed with blue ribbons affixed to the coat to keep the spectators back.  This prevented the crowd from pressing round the catcher, and gave all a good chance of seeing. … On the ground we noticed representations from the following clubs:--Putnam, Empire, Eckford, Pioneer, Columbia, Eagle, Atlantic, Baltic, Excelsior, and the President of the St. George's Cricket club.  The rubber game will be played on neutral ground, and there seemed some disposition to accept a kind invitation from Sam. Godwin, Esq., President of the Putnam Club, of East Brooklyn.

Source New York Herald
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